the other half of turning One…

as usual, I’m late writing about milestones and Piglet is now nearly 14 months! ooppss

Here’s my memories & snapshots of piglets 7-12 months

Month 7

Lots of things happened this month, for milestones, she really began to change even more…

Piglet & I started a fitness class called ‘sweaty mama’ if you follow me on insta, I regularly post our weekly shots. She loves it, bouncing around, listening to the music & watching the other babes that are strapped to their mamas.

This month brought us a pretty big milestone, not one i’m happy about as you know I only grew her, birthed her, fed her… she said DADA for the first time! I know, I know! Its the easier word to say haha

This month marked her first time in her cot, she was a star, like her big bro was, she took to it straight away. Was very strange for the first few nights, kept waking up to check her beside me, and she wasn’t there! Thank god for monitors

She began to master tummy work, by going around in a circle, she also started to sit, but still slides.

Another major milestone, is due to weaning, shes gradually not wanting boob as much, you may of seen my blog post about this. “Our Boobing journey”

Towards the end of this month, our breastfeeding journey, came to an end!


Month 8

She ROLLED…. yay

She mastered it, finally! shes even grasping sitting on her own, far more, she can go from sitting to on to her belly!

Piglets love for food, is crazy, she will try anything, she loves most things, she LOVES fruit, mainly blueberries, she loves cheese, to be honest, anything you give her, she will likely to love it.


Month 9

She started to CRAWL…. eeekkkk

Life as we knew it was over, she’s mastered it and can now get anywhere she wants, she doesn’t have to wait for someone to listen to her UH OH

I had noted, that her teeth looked like they were on their way, you will soon see that was not correct, apart from the fact of the signs! Dribble, irritated, broken sleep, the nappies… oh the nappies! why do they smell so chemically… eeww

Month 10

Literally every month shes having Major milestones and this month brought..

Standing up at things.. massive uh oh haha

And yes still no teeth

She is quite frankly into everything, especially if its not for her, or not even a toy!

Month 11

She’s pretty partial for grass & sand and the occasional stone as part of her diet, it doesn’t matter how many times we say No! Guess we have to wait for her to get bored of it!

This month took us on her first holiday, and she loved it, she loved swimming, the water, the sand! obviously!

She started to stand more by herself, a whole 8 seconds that I noted.

Pointing has also become a thing! Points at everything

Month 12 

Birthday Month

We moved this month and Piglet finally has a room of her very own, Monkey and Piglet quite enjoyed sharing, more monkey, but its fab for them to have their own space

She was born this month eeekkk

A whole year of this beautiful, clever, determined little lady, she made us a four! I cant quite believe how fast it went, def goes faster with number 2! But boy does it feel like she’s been here forever!


SHE GOT A TOOTH………. YAY she wont be a gummy bear.


This year has been truly awesome in so many ways, I am truly lucky to have such funny, good natured, determined children and I cant wait to share with you

Our Journey









Monkey vs Piglet in the Pregnancy Stakes..

I was so lucky to have nice normal pregnancies with both of my babies, I never had sickness, only the odd SPD aka pelvic pain, the usual fun with being pregnant. Below is a snapshot of how it was for each of mine.

Pregnancy with Monkey

  • The wait for the first scan is so unbelievably long, we ended up having an early 8 week scan, just to make sure it was true.

Pregnancy with Piglet

  • Yep, we had an 8 week too… what!! I cant wait until 12 that’s so far away

Pregnancy with Monkey

  • I was working, so every minute I was thinking about my growing bump, planning, sorting maternity leave, having lots of baby related deliveries come to my work place

Pregnancy with Piglet

  • I had not long taken redundancy when we fell pregnant with piglet, but I didn’t have much time to think about everything as was so busy with Monkey. I had also started a social media course! Nothing like juggling lots of things, so to speak

Pregnancy with Monkey

  • My sister and I were pregnant at the same time, (supposed to be days apart, ended up being 11 days) it didn’t go well at the beginning (sister rivalry from both sides ha ha) but it was the best thing, we bonded so much, it was great sharing this experience with her, we are so lucky to have our children together, like best buds, twinnys!!
  • Two of my best friends had their babies either side of me, another had not long had a baby, so I got to share with so many of my friends!

Pregnancy with Piglet

  • I was alllll alone, no one else was pregnant with me! Which in one way was nice but in another I had no one to share it with!

Pregnancy with Monkey

  • People from the get go, are so excited for you! They tell you any stories they know, they will also comment on your growing bump and guess the gender. Forever in touch to see how you are getting on.
  • I was working at the time, so you are seeing people all the time

Pregnancy with Piglet

  • No one really cares!!
  • … Ha ha OK so that’s not entirely true! But sometimes it feels like it, In fairness, when you’ve already had a baby, people don’t have the same excitement as they do with the first.
  • As I had not long taken redundancy it was a lonelier time as naturally you are not seeing people everyday.

Pregnancy with Monkey

  • Like I said earlier, we had an early scan, but we then had the NHS 12 week, at 15 weeks while away in the country I had a bleed so went to the local hospital where we were staying, I was lucky to get another scan to see our baby, who was just being as cheeky as ever. We had the NHS 20 week and then a 4D at about 32 weeks maybe a bit later, which I would recommend to anyone, its amazing and helps to make it all feel real.

Pregnancy with Piglet

  • So like with Monkey we had the early 8 week scan, NHS 12 week, a 15 week to find out her gender eekk (we had a surprise with monkey) We had the NHS 20 week, but throughout my pregnancy with piglet, we had another 4 maybe 5 scans as they were concerned about her growth (we loved it as got to see her), the results ended up being perfectly FINE (Especially looking at her now ha ha our chunky piggy) we again had a 4D towards the end of pregnancy
  • It was amazing to find out her gender, as not only we’ve experienced both (finding out and not) but to find out on this one, was just great, it really helped from Monkeys point of view, to know he was getting a sister. We took him to the 4D as well as he loved it, it really helped to show him, that there was a real life baby sister coming his way.

Pregnancy with Monkey

  • I had what looked like a basketball for most of the pregnancy, this tiny neat bump until the latter when water retention took over! Whats worse is I never really noticed at the time, its when you look back! why no one told me ha ha although you never should say anything to a pregnant women, so maybe that’s why!

Pregnancy with Piglet

  • Again with piglet, I had a pretty neat bump at least at the beginning, the later I went on the bigger my bump got, comparing pictures it was definitely a MASSIVE bump. I was so low from pretty early on (that particular comment from people) “oh you are so low, baby will be here soon” ha ha nope, see my birth story for that one!

Pregnancy with Monkey

  • I took pictures all the time, maybe not so Instagramable (wasn’t on it back then) of my bump, weekly pictures of my growing belly. Videos of monkey moving and his heartbeat. Its funny but once they are here, you never really look back on them, until writing something like this, or you want to go back to see!

Pregnancy with Piglet

  • I took a lot lot more this time! Much more with showcasing in mind ha ha, but also not to miss anything, bump every week, bump in the bath, with monkey, what outfits I was wearing, holiday, my iPhone is bursting at the seams now oppss
  • That’s one thing about me, I LOVE photos

Pregnancy with Monkey

  • Time seemed to drag, I mean looking back (4 years ago plus eekk) of course it was no time at all. But every week was sooooo long, waiting each week for the vegetable or fruit (if you have the apps) waiting for them to change, waiting for every milestone, the first heartbeat, movement, scans, appointments, for me as I was working, waiting for the last day to come, oh it felt like a lifetime

Pregnancy with Piglet

  • The odd moment seemed to drag, but with her being my second, it just flew, before I knew it was halfway! Having monkey to think about and life! It just went by so fast, I never seemed to have a moment to get anything done! As for nesting HA HA

Pregnancy with Monkey

  • I knew the days, weeks, hours even minutes of how far I was…

Pregnancy with Piglet

  • Ha Ha only if I opened my app to check did I have a clue of how far along I was!

I was very lucky and so very fortunate to of had such lovely, healthy pregnancies and births.

Although each were somewhat different, of course! They were also very similar. Oh its posts like this, that make me miss my bumps… sob sob!

10 Things to do with a sibling to be :)

Having a new sibling coming along is such a huge step & change for your child / children, here are some fun ways of getting your child involved in, before the big day, when their life changes forever… eekkkk


All things I have done with our son, before his life is turned upside down… sorry son

1. Read big brother/ big sister books, there are so many fab books out there, which can explain what is happening & what this means for them



2. Let them help build items needed for the new baby


3. Start a baby book with them, so they feel involved creating something for their sibling to be, add pictures, letters for the new baby to have when bigger.

4. When shopping, get them to help you pick clothes & teddies etc

5. Draw a family to be picture, maybe with baby in mummy’s tummy


6. Try & get them to go to at least 1 scan, maybe 4D if you are having one, as they can see their new brother or sister, it helps them to understand your growing bump

7. Ask them to help you get the baby bag ready & theirs so they understand they may have to go somewhere, while mummy is in hospital


8. Get them invloved by talking to the bump, explaining how important it is to be a big brother or big sister


9. Get creative!

Get some paint (non toxic) and print your child’s hand prints on the bump, its fun but also a lovely memento to keep 🙂


10. Last but by no means least!

Have a baby-moon…. including all of you, having some quality time with your child, before the new addition makes an appearance

IMG_6866    IMG_6849


(All photos are my own, please ask permission before using or re posting- Thank you)